Personal lubricants reduce friction by supplementing our body's natural lubrication during penetrative sex. Gels enhance physical senitivity to intensify or prolong enjoyment.

"Natural Contact" Lubricant Comfortably Numb Intensifying Gel for Women
"Natural Contact" LubricantComfortably NumbIntensifying Gel for Women

This ultra-smooth lubricant enhances the sensations of two bodies in sexual motion. Click Picture for more detail.

Comfortably Numb is a flavored desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex.

Heightens female physical sensitivity and inspires intense sensual pleasures. Click Picture for more detail.




Love Liquid Pleasure Balm (Stimulating) Sex Tarts Lube
Love LiquidPleasure Balm (Stimulating)Sex Tarts Lube

This silky-smooth, lightly textured water-based lubricant is a bedside table basic. Click Picture for more detail.

A tingly, tasty, kissable treat for sensual body exploration. Click Picture for more detail.

The tangiest, most flavorful lickable lubricant for married lovers.




Shunga Male Genital Desensitizer Shunga Secret Garden Weekender Kit
Shunga Male Genital DesensitizerShunga Secret GardenWeekender Kit

The innovative formula of SHUNGA’s male genital desensitizer with time-synchronized action offers more sensation, more pleasure and an overall positive effect over time, thanks to a gradual desensitizing cycle.

You will discover new sensations that may take you to the limits of female orgasm. Click Picture for more detail.

A travel set of Kama Sutra favorites for the free spirited romantic. Click Picture for more detail.